Universal sliding trailers Atlant

TZP-22, TZP-27 Atlant
TZP-39, TZP-49 Atlant
AZP-46 Atlant
manure spreader
Beet loader
Reloading semi-trailer


Universal sliding semi-trailer «Atlant» with changable backboard - it is four different semi -trailers in one machine: common semi-trailer, reloading semi-trailer, manure spreader and semi-trailer for reloading beetroot.

Semi-trailer unloads with sliding method. At first back board opens and turns on hydraulic cylinder, that moves half of bottom with front wall – and push all cargo backward. When front wall reaches the center of semi-trailer, turns on second hydraulic cylinder, which moves only the front wall to the end of semi-trailer.


- stability of the semi-trailer when unloading on slopes - will never roll over on silage pits;
- unloading in low rooms with a ceiling height of 4.4 m;
- squeezes green mass, silage, haylage thereby takes 30-50% more cargo;
- uniform layer unloads the green mass on silage pits, and when harvesting sugar beet, it makes piles up to 3 meters high without using other special equipment;
- used as a spreader of organic fertilizers;
- used as a storage hopper for the transportation of grain from the combine to the end of the field and reloading into grain trucks, for this it is only necessary to replace the tailgate with auger;
- Used as a beet transporter into truck or for piling it on the end of the field.

Installed instead of the rear side of the semitrailer, driven from the tractor PTO, at 540 rpm. It is equipped with an automatic safety system - a torsion load governor, which at peak loads stops the flow to the spreading beaters, blocking the oil feed to the hydraulic cylinder. Width of spreading is up to 18 meters (up to 24 m - defecate and chicken droppings). To spread defecate, chicken droppings on the spreading mechanism, a hydraulic flap is installed that covers the beater completely, leaving only the lower plates with blades.


Installed instead of the rear side of the semitrailer, driven from the tractor PTO at 540 rpm. The screw capacity is 6 tons per minute, the screw diameter is 520 mm. It is equipped with an automatic safety system - a torsional load regulator, which, at peak loads, stops the feeding of grain to the discharge auger, blocking the supply of oil to the hydraulic cylinder. The auger is equipped with a hydraulic damper, which regulates the rate of grain feeding into the conveyor.


Front wall send beetroot on planar transporter, which driven by hydraulic motor from tractor hydraulic. Beetroot reloading machine has automatic sensor that stops the front wall in the case of overloading.

Used for:
- transporting beetroot from the combine;
- reloading beetroot into the truck;
- beet piler in a heap at the edge of the field.